Youth Advisory Council | Representative Harley Rouda

Youth Advisory Council

The Office of Congressman Harley Rouda is seeking high school students between grades 9 and 12 to participate in the office’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Students interested in applying should have an interest in government and civics and are actively paying attention to policy and political developments in their communities. We encourage any high school student that attends school in California’s 48th Congressional District or a resident of CA-48 to apply.

YAC students will talk and debate amongst themselves the policies of the day – which can include (and is not limited to) climate change, educational policy, gun policy, immigration, international affairs, and other issues of concern that are specific to the communities they hail from. The YAC will be comprised of a diverse selection of their CA-48 peers that will, while working directly with staff in Rep. Rouda’s office, collaborate on these issues. The YAC students, if they so choose, can recommend to the Congressman legislation to co-sponsor and promote in Congress.

The intention of the YAC is to foster civic engagement and awareness in California’s 48th Congressional District, to connect students to the policymaking process, and to help them understand the functions and responsibilities of a Congressional office

The Office of Congressman Rouda will be accepting applications for the Youth Advisory Council until December 15th, 2019. One student will be chosen per school (including public, continuation, private, charter, and homeschools).


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