With Two Rouda Amendments, House Passes Moving Forward Act | Representative Harley Rouda

With Two Rouda Amendments, House Passes Moving Forward Act

July 1, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Harley Rouda (CA-48) voted to pass H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, which would transform America’s infrastructure while creating millions of good-paying jobs, combatting the climate crisis, and addressing disparities throughout America. The Moving Forward Act included Rouda amendments to reduce airplane emissions and noise and to modernize our nation’s water quality infrastructure.

"With a historic number of Americans unemployed, the Moving Forward Act is more than a plan to fix American bridges, roads, and schools," said Rouda. "This bill is an opportunity to empower businesses and create jobs for working families — all while addressing the climate crisis. The Moving Forward Act, with the help of my amendments, will deliver common-sense solutions that invest in our local communities, reduce airplane emissions and noise, and update our water quality infrastructure while saving taxpayer dollars.”

Congressman Rouda’s amendments to H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act:

  • Establish a program to provide incentives to reduce airplane emissions and noise
  • Create a grant program to modernize our nation's water quality infrastructure and save taxpayer dollars


“The Aviation Industry Assistance for Cleaner and Quieter Skies Cleaner Voucher Program is a win for the airline industry and for Newport Beach and communities nationwide that are impacted by aircraft noise and emissions. Transitioning commercial fleets to newer, quieter, less-polluting aircraft is our greatest chance for long-term relief from the daily impacts to our quality of life and this program will help to expedite that process. Congressman Rouda heard Newport Beach’s call to incentivize the transition of the air carrier fleet and he delivered on his commitment to help us make it happen,” said Jeff Herdman, Newport Beach Council Member and Chair, Aviation Committee


“The inclusion of Representative Rouda’s bipartisan smart water technology infrastructure amendment illustrates strong congressional support for leveraging technology to improve the safety and security of our nation’s water treatment works. As Congress continues to advance national infrastructure improvements, we look forward to working with Representative Rouda to ensure that this program is enacted into law to deliver benefits to California's sanitation agencies," said Adam Link, Executive Director of the California Association of Sanitation Agencies


“Representative Rouda’s amendment prioritizes the modernization of water quality improvement facilities. This provision will help agencies like the Orange County Sanitation District, which serves more than 2.5 million Orange County residents, utilize advanced treatment technology to improve water quality and ensure a resilient, safe, and reliable water supply for Orange County – while reducing overall operating costs," said David Shawver, Board Chairman of the Orange County Sanitation District


This amendment will help agencies like the Orange County Water District improve our ability to purify wastewater to meet drinking water standards through our Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS). This action which support smart technologies will enhance California’s development of innovative water supply projects, and OCWD looks forward to working with Representative Rouda to guarantee that funding for infrastructure meets the needs of all our communities today and into the future,” said Vincente Sarmiento, Board President of the Orange County Water District


H.R. 2, The Moving Forward Act would:

  • Rebuild our highways, bridges, transit, rail, airports, ports, and harbors by investing to improve safety, reduce gridlock and put the U.S. on a path toward zero emissions from the transportation sector, all while protecting American jobs with strong Buy America provisions and labor protections.
  • Promote investments in our communities by spurring private investment through the tax code, through a revitalized Build America Bonds program, expansions of Private Activity Bonds, and significant enhancements to the New Markets Tax Credit and the Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
  • Modernize our energy infrastructure for a clean energy future by investing to transform our electric grid, promote new renewable energy infrastructure and strengthen existing infrastructure, help develop an electric vehicle charging network, and support energy efficiency and climate resilience.
  • Ensure all communities have clean water by investing to remove dangerous contaminants from our drinking water and invests in new, safe wastewater infrastructure.
  • Upgrade hospitals and health care infrastructure by investing to increase capacity and strengthen care, help community health centers respond to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies, improve clinical laboratory infrastructure, support the Indian Health Service’s infrastructure, and increase capacity for community-based care.
  • Deliver a 21st Century Postal Service by modernizing infrastructure and pursuing a zero-emissions postal fleet.
  • Invest in our children’s futures by helping to safely reopen and rebuild schools with an investment in school infrastructure targeted at high-poverty schools that do not meet health and safety standards, while also creating 2 million jobs.  
  • Invest boldly in affordable housing by directing funds to reduce housing inequality, create jobs, stimulate the economy, improve living conditions, and increase environmental sustainability and climate resilience.
  • Expand affordable high-speed Internet to underserved communities with an investment that promotes competition, connects children to remote learning, closes broadband adoption and digital skills gaps, and improves affordability.


A fact sheet on the Moving Forward Act is available here.