Rep. Harley Rouda Unveils House Democrats’ New Infrastructure Framework | Representative Harley Rouda

Rep. Harley Rouda Unveils House Democrats’ New Infrastructure Framework

January 29, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Democrats unveiled a "Moving Forward" infrastructure plan to create 10 million jobs and address the climate crisis, while bringing America's infrastructure into the 21st century. Congressman Rouda, as a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is working to advance and invest in infrastructure that is smarter, safer, and built to last.

Said Rouda, "This infrastructure plan is a strategic and cost-effective investment that empowers businesses, protects families, and creates quality American jobs - all while addressing the climate crisis.”

“This plan would have a significant impact on Orange County - providing funding to reduce highway and rail congestion, dredge our waterways and ports, minimize airplane noise and pollution, complete Army Corps projects, and address PFAS contamination.” 

“I look forward to working with my colleagues across the aisle to pass this desperately-needed legislation that focuses on American, not partisan priorities." 

The "Moving Forward" infrastructure plan would: 

  • Invest in Orange County and create jobs by providing targeted funding for highway, passenger rail, transit, airport, port, and water resource investments.
  • Combat climate change by creating job opportunities advancing clean energy, investing in energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Reduce road and transit congestion by increasing capacity and improving passenger rail and transit service.
  • Address airplane noise and pollution by incentivizing the development, testing, and certification of quieter aircraft, supporting the creation and use of sustainable aviation fuels, and accelerating research on overflight noise and the implementation of policies to lessen such noise and alleviate its impact on communities near airports.
  • Keep commerce flowing by funding the essential dredging and upkeep of American harbors, ports, and channels.
  • Advance innovation by incorporating new technologies into everyday transportation operations.
  • Support American workers and industries by establishing strong worker protections and Buy American provisions.
  • Provide safe, clean, and affordable water and wastewater services through investment in state revolving funds and funding to local communities dealing with PFAS contamination in drinking water to detect and treat contamination.
  • Address the impact of severe weather events by tackling the backlog of Army Corps projects designed to protect communities at risk of flooding, enhance resiliency, and boost local, regional, and national economic growth.
  • Prioritize safety by providing children safe routes to schools, expanding innovative solutions to improve highway-railroad grade crossings, and enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety.
  • Empower local governments by expanding decision-making over the use of federal funds in local infrastructure projects and providing additional authority to qualified metropolitan planning organizations.
  • Invest in expanding broadband access to connect Americans, create strong small businesses and jobs, and strengthen economies that have been left behind.
  • Protect American lives by modernizing 9-1-1 safety networks to help first responders and emergency personnel better reach people in need.