Congressman Harley Rouda’s statement on escalating tensions between U.S. and Iran

June 25, 2019
Press Release

We don’t agree on everything, but President Trump’s decision to call off a military strike against Iran was absolutely correct. Nearly two decades after the beginning of the Iraq War, our nation is still reckoning with the consequences of military action in the Middle East. The legacies of that war confirm for us that a direct conflict with Iran must be an absolute last resort.

While no actions taken by the Administration justify Iran’s violent response against American assets, I am gravely concerned that continued brinksmanship will spiral out of control with devastating consequences for our country. 

The administration must consult Congress, as well as our NATO allies, on a new strategy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, protect Israel, and contain Iran’s aggression in the region. In the event that military force becomes necessary, the administration must seek new authority from the American people to wage war by way of Congressional authorization. Anything short of these measures is a reckless endangerment of American lives and national security.